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Chicken Run 2: They sprint now?

Whilst the majority of us thought that coronavirus would delay most film news, it seems to be coming as quickly and (certainly in this case) as surprisingly as ever. Because in a tweet sent from the Netflix UK & Ireland Twitter account earlier this week on the 20 year anniversary of the original film, it […]Read More

Tim’s Twitter Listening Parties: The Lockdown Alternative to Live Music?

COVID-19 has facilitated the cancellation of an entire year’s worth of gigs and festivals worldwide. Experts have anticipated that live music will not be able to return until Autumn 2021. Economic downturn has placed venues under threat, and many music publications face an uncertain future. Amongst this depressing backdrop are Tim’s Twitter Listening Parties. Organised by […]Read More

Conservatives dominated Twitter at a ‘crucial’ time with ‘misleading’ account

Last Tuesday during the ITV pre-election debate between  Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, the Conservative Party renamed the official @CCHQPress Twitter account to ‘factcheckUK’. The party also temporarily replaced its profile picture with a tick logo and a header image with the logo, the text ‘factcheck UK’ and then in much smaller font ‘from CCHQ’, […]Read More