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Travelling To: Exeter, Devon

While lockdown has caused many overseas trips to be postponed and cancelled, we have seen a rise in staycations. One of the jewels of the UK is without doubt the South West region with some exquisite coastlines and moors and an array of options to eat out at; potentially to break up a country ramble. Exeter […]Read More

Keeping Up With the Coronavirus: The Second Wave

By now, everyone has heard the foreshadowing of the ominous second wave of COVID-19. Banded around by politicians, journalists, and everyday people alike, it is feared more than the initial wave. Not necessarily because we know it’s definitely coming, but because we don’t know when. No one wishes to live through a national lockdown for […]Read More

The UK Must Lead The Fight Against The CCP’s Genocide

At the site of Treblinka extermination camp in Eastern Poland, where nearly a million Jews were brutally murdered by the Nazis in a single year (1942-1943), there lies a small memorial plaque. On the plaque there are two words, represented in multiple languages: ‘Never Again’. These two simple words have come to enshrine the unequivocal […]Read More

The Whitewashing of Literature in the UK Curriculum

English Literature is a compulsory subject for students across the UK up until the age of sixteen, thus it is not unreasonable to assume that what is taken from these lessons will inform these students’ future understanding of the world. The whitewashing of the UK education system, and specifically the secondary school syllabuses, is therefore […]Read More

Removing Controversial Statues Is Not Erasing History

On the 7th June, Black Lives Matter protesters in Bristol tore down a statue of Edward Colston, a prolific 17th-century slave trader, and threw him into the harbour. His figure sunk to the bottom of the river in the very place where he once docked his ships and traded in human lives and suffering. You […]Read More

Politics or Popularity? What Did We Vote For?

It’s hard to ignore the media circus around this year’s election, and I say this year because they seem to be an annual thing now. Focus has been locked on the two main party leaders Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson with little else other than Brexit discussions piercing through the fog of this popularity contest. […]Read More

Boris Johnson as PM: If you’re not worried, you should

With the elimination of Michael Gove from the Conservative party’s leadership contest, we are down to the final two, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, on whom the Conservative party membership (incidentally, a minuscule slither of the electorate) will vote. Given Johnson’s popularity with party members, it seems as though another old Etonian coronation is inevitable. […]Read More

Super Happy Fun America: The Myth of Straight Pride

This week, a Boston-based group, Super Happy Fun America, applied for a permit with the City of Boston to host a ‘Straight Pride Parade’, so named because, as the group believes, straight people are amongst an oppressed majority. In a world where they are subject to the politically-correct standards of the so-called gay agenda in […]Read More

“A good talking” about bullying in UK and US schools

It’s safe to say that the topic of bullying has been around for a long time. In today’s age of media, we are constantly discussing the evolution of bullying, but are not necessarily reaching any worthy milestones. There a number of questions which are banded about; is “bullying” being thrown around too carelessly and are students just […]Read More

Introducing: Blaenavon

Name: Blaenavon Hometown: The tiny villages of Liss, and Liphook Listen to: Hell Is My Head, Let’s Pray, My Bark Is Your Bite Despite the geographically based name, Blaenavon actually hail from 2 small villages in Hampshire. A youthful trio, Ben Gregory (vocals and guitar), Frank Wright (bass), and Harris McMillan (drums) host their own […]Read More

EP Review: Hooves of Doubt // Dry The River

Melancholic, smooth vocals drive Dry The River’s latest, and final, EP Hooves of Doubt, in a melodic indie-folk-rock compilation. An EP that sounds like winter – cosy and soothing like flannel shirts and patterned jumpers – it has an interesting vibe that’s a mash-up of Bombay Bicycle Club, Bon Iver and Mumford and Sons at […]Read More

Track Review: Junk Food // Findlay

Findlay doesn’t hold back on shit she doesn’t agree with, so it should come as no surprise that her latest installment of grit-pop ‘Junkfood’ voices gripes on a few things. In fact the only gripe it doesn’t seem to have is with having a good time (see the fantastic video below) there’s food all over the place, an […]Read More

EP Review: Charlemagne // Blossoms

Arguably the buzz band of 2015, Stockport five-piece Blossoms just go from strength to strength. Debut EP Blown Rose came out in July and stirred up quite a buzz ahead of their autumn tour. They then went on to sell-out dates all around the UK. The next move of the ever evolving band promised to be the […]Read More

5 New Tracks You HAVE To Hear This Week #4

We’ve all been there – everyone’s experienced the trials and tribulations of finding something new to get your teeth – or rather, ears – stuck into. Maybe your favourite album of the year has just dropped and you’ve played it to death and want something fresh. Maybe you’ve been that busy with Uni, college, work […]Read More