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Jonathan Glazer’s New Film ‘Strasbourg 1518’ to Premiere on BBC

Under the Skin director Jonathan Glazer is known for his subversive, uncompromising approach to filmmaking. Small wonder, then, that excitement has greeted the news that his latest production, Strasbourg 1518, will be released on BBC Two later this month. Alongside Glazer’s direction, the fifteen-minute short film will feature a soundtrack created by Mica Levi, who […]Read More

The Best of Independent Cinema

Right. It’s time to put the ‘indie’ into The Indiependent. As a huge cinema geek, one of my favourite aspects of the world of movies is independent cinema. Most indie films go unnoticed, which is a crying shame, but there are few that manage to make it big, winning many awards too. So here are […]Read More

Film Review: Under The Skin

Ah, Under The Skin. We meet again. If you’ve never seen this film, or have only seen it once, I would highly recommend watching or rewatching it. Having immediately dismissed it as categorically unappealing on first viewing, due to the lack of substance and complete state of bewilderment it left me in, a much-needed second […]Read More