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Daniel Kaluuya And Keke Palmer To Star In New Peele

As one of the most influential filmmakers working today, it comes as no surprise that every detail of Jordan Peele’s third work is hitting the headlines. Daniel Kaluuya will collaborate once more with Peele, news that has elated audiences and critics alike. Kaluuya was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as Chris in Get […]Read More

Late Night Show Hosts Ridicule Trump Amid Latest Scandal

On January 4 2021, several late-night show hosts took the chance to convey concern to their audiences over recent political incidents involving President Donald Trump Referring to a recently leaked phone recording between the President and Georgia’s Secretary of State, The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon introduced news of the scandal with the sarcastic quip: “Apparently every January, Trump’s […]Read More

Sporting in the time of Corona: Wrestling an Essential Business?

On April 15, 2020, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced that several of their wrestlers had been released from the company with their contracts being terminated with immediate effect. This comes after the company released a statement that same day that WWE would be introducing a series of cost-cutting measures to help deal with the pressures […]Read More

Film Review: Us

If Yorgos Lanthimos thought he was the only one that could do creepy and cryptic symbolism with rabbits, boy, was he wrong. Jordan Peele doesn’t shy away from combining horror with happiness; if the squirmish discomfort caused by seemingly cute rabbits wasn’t enough, wait until you see someone bludgeoned to death to the tune of […]Read More

TV Review: Girls Incarcerated

New to Netflix, Girls Incarcerated takes viewers inside Indiana’s Madison Correctional Facility, e.g. a jail for girls under the age of 18. Throughout the 8 episodes, you see the inmates, or ‘students’ as the staff refer to them, work to get their lives back on track. An insightful and interesting look into the US Justice […]Read More

“A good talking” about bullying in UK and US schools

It’s safe to say that the topic of bullying has been around for a long time. In today’s age of media, we are constantly discussing the evolution of bullying, but are not necessarily reaching any worthy milestones. There a number of questions which are banded about; is “bullying” being thrown around too carelessly and are students just […]Read More

Does the NFL Care About Women?

In recent months, the American media has seemed to focus a lot on the National Football League and its players’ scandals. The NFL has continuously and serially completely mishandled cases of violence against women.  As a female football fan and a human being, this is appalling. Last year Ray Rice, a running back from Baltimore, was […]Read More

Putin’s Most Dangerous Game

Putin’s most dangerous game. Vladimir Putin’s distinctive face has been appearing all over the global newsfeed recently, reminding everyone from Barack Obama to the most disinterested youth that Russia can’t be ignored, can’t be contained and must be respected. Putin for the past two years has been listed by Forbes as the most powerful man […]Read More

The poor Republican campaigns not only hurt the party, but

An ex-minor in possession, a four-time bankrupt, a plagiarist, and a possible facilitator to investment fraud. Despite sounding like the candidates to a bad season of MTV’s Real World, these are actually the Republican candidates for the 2016 presidential election. With over thirty Republican candidates that all seem to be doused in scandal, and with […]Read More

US Presidential Election Lowdown

Here, our US political writer, Casey McGourty will be keeping track of the 2016 US Presidential race. Pop back for updates! LAST UPDATED: 2nd June 2015 As Ted Cruz becomes the first major US Presidential candidate to confirm his spot in the election, people are becoming more aware of the Texan senator’s political policies. Cruz […]Read More