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Navigating A Long-Term Relationship With Vaginismus

I did not discover that I suffered from vaginismus until I was in my twenties, and prior to that realisation I had never even heard of the disorder before. I suffer from primary vaginismus, and with a relatively complicated medical background and mental health issues, the diagnosis made perfect sense. However, even though the diagnosis […]Read More

Why Tampon Adverts Are Frustrating For People With Vaginismus

Disclaimer: We appreciate that many people who have vaginas do not identify as female and are using “women” and “female” to encompass anyone who menstruates or uses tampons. For most people, their ‘time of the month’ isn’t something they look forward to. Cramps, mood swings and aching all over are not the best experiences. Now […]Read More

5 Instagram Accounts To Follow This Vaginismus Awareness Day

Googling facts about vaginismus only gives you so much of an insight into what vaginismus is. You get the surface level facts and that’s about it. So, here are 5 Instagram accounts to follow this vaginismus awareness day, that you get way more than surface-level facts from. Pain Free and Intimate Pain Free and Intimate […]Read More

What is Vaginismus?

Sex. It’s supposed to feel great. It provides us with toe-curling orgasms and gives us that deep, intimate connection with another person (or other people depending on what you’re into). One thing consensual sex is not meant to do, is hurt. However, for some vagina owners, (I use this term to be inclusive of transgender […]Read More

5 Vaginal Health Myths Debunked

Many of us are misinformed with inaccurate information about the vagina, including those who have them. Unfortunately, there’s some stigma when it comes to vaginal health. Since the 15th September is Vaginismus Awareness Day, what better time to bust some myths about your vagina and how you should be treating it than now.  Douching helps to clean the […]Read More