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The Internet’s Syd Releases First Solo Track In Four Years,

The Internet’s Syd has released her first solo track in almost four years with the launch of ‘Missing Out’.  Syd’s EP Always Never Home was up until recently her latest solo work, following her debut solo album Fin, both released in 2017. Syd has still been making noise in the meantime, collaborating with major artists […]Read More

Books to Fall in Love with this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love. But when love is so complex, so intense, so soul-encompassing, how are mere mortals like ourselves ever meant to be able to express our love? Fortunately for us, ‘love’ is a topic that writers have been making into an art form since literature was still in its foetus form. […]Read More

All You Need Is Love: Songs To Make You Swoon

February 14th. The one date in the calendar, which for the past couple of years, has not failed to provoke sickening social-media posts between couples and then accompanying moans from the single community. It is more than likely that you belong to one of three groups of people: The loved up The disgruntled The indifferent. Whilst you try […]Read More

Love Stories? Valentine’s Day and Literature

As long as love has been around, which I’m guessing is a pretty long time, the ability to write love stories has followed eagerly behind. Still so prominent in many aspects of storytelling today are the age-old tales of young lovers, star-crossed lovers, and mismatched boys and girls who defy all expectations to allow themselves […]Read More

What to Watch on Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s day is upon us, the film folks at The Indiependent decided to put together not one, but two Valentine’s Day features. This is the first, where we recommend our films to watch on Valentine’s Day, the best films featuring romance or love of any kind. Love and Other Drugs (Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway & […]Read More