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The Indiependent’s Favourite Films To Watch In Spring

As the first buds begin to bloom, nature is waking up from the cold and bestowing its beauty upon us once more. Our contributors talk through some of their favourite evocations of spring on the silver screen, from the bluebell-laden landscapes of Bright Star to the disconcerting floral nightmare of Midsommar. Bright Star (2009) Spring […]Read More

Film News: Trailer and Poster for Wes Anderson’s ‘The French

The highly anticipated trailer for Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch has finally been released, and it looks like it could be his most ‘Wes Anderson’ film yet. The trailer is packed with intriguing storylines, incredible actors and stunning visuals – more than enough to excite any cinema fan. This will be Anderson’s first live action […]Read More

My Life in Films: Holly Patrick

When it comes to the cinema, I’m quite predictable. Stick a Brat Pack staple in front of me and I’m happy. But it’s not always been this way – there were many predecessors to my look-at-me-I-just-discovered-John-Hughes-and-The-Smiths phase. So without further ado, here is a definitive list of all the films that have shaped my existence, […]Read More

Film News: Timothée Chalamet Set to Star in New Wes

Timothée Chalamet is rumoured to be starring in Wes Anderson’s tenth feature-length film, a “love letter to journalists” called The French Dispatch. Allegedly, the film will depict a US newspaper office set against the backdrop of France during World War II. Chalamet and Anderson would make an indie dream-team, with Chalamet’s charm and humble demeanour […]Read More

Filling in ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

WARNING: Please be aware if you have not seen the film that a few spoilers lie ahead. After a much-anticipated arrival in the early months of 2014, Wes Anderson’s latest blockbuster, The Grand Budapest Hotel, certainly did not disappoint. Whilst exhibiting an array of famous faces such as Owen Wilson, Jude Law and Bill Murray, […]Read More

My Life in Films: Daniella Bassett

A good film is one that can make you laugh, cry, think and be entertained. My mum has always been a bit of a film buff, and growing up in a household where storytelling was engrained into daily life in one way or another, the visual narrative of film has played a huge role in […]Read More

My Life In Films: Georgia Hinson

Film is a very special thing to many people, and sooner or later we begin to realise how a few on screen hours play such big roles (cinema pun) in shaping our lives. Growing up in a woman filled household meant that, for me, my list of favourites is filled with all the classic chick […]Read More

EE BAFTA Nominations 2015

Awards Season is without a doubt, one of the most exciting times to be a film fan. Through countless glitzy red carpets and emotional acceptance speeches, we are able to start every new year, by celebrating the last in the world of cinema. Preceding the Oscars as always is our very own academy, BAFTA, who […]Read More