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Track Review: Before // Graywave

“It came slowly / from below me” is the introductory line of Graywave‘s latest single, ‘Before.’ It follows the debut single ‘Afternoon’ Escapism,’ released in early 2019, by West Midlands-based Jess Webberly – better known by the alias Graywave. The track is the second single from Planetary Shift, Graywave’s upcoming debut EP. The EP is […]Read More

Keeping Up With the Coronavirus: Observing The COVID-19 “Lockdown”

The date is Sunday, March 22nd in the year 2020.  The parks of Wolverhampton paint a placid, bucolic landscape. The smoothed pavements intertwine with lush, undulating pockets of freshly-mown grass, splattered with luscious plants and gleaming wooden huts.  It’s weather like this that could illuminate even the colourless alcoves of the world, and when you […]Read More