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The Exploitation of Women in Lebanon: A Firsthand Perspective

On the 4th of August, in the late afternoon, a video was taken showing a woman hoovering on a shaded apartment balcony with a little girl playing behind her. After a few moments, the cataclysmic explosion from Beirut’s port ravages the balcony. Before the curtains have even settled, she scoops up the child without a […]Read More

Album Review: Blood Bitch // Jenny Hval

Listening to Blood Bitch is like existing in a dream. If you don’t concentrate enough, you won’t hear the music. Pay attention, though, and you’ll be rewarded immensely. Layers of synths and electronica thinly veil the gothic horror and ethereal mysticism trapped in the lyrics. Why is Blood Bitch titled thus? The theme of menstruation remains […]Read More

Film News: Female Directors dominate the scenes at the 69th

With the Cannes Film Festival fast approaching, many memories will be jogged back to this time last year when rage kicked off about what many deemed as a sexist dress code. A group of women were denied entry into the premier of Todd Haynes’ Carol, for not wearing high-heeled shoes. Despite Cannes’ director, Thierry Fremaux, […]Read More

The Great Gatsby: The Illusion of Female Liberation

In my reading of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, set in New York in 1922, I was struck by a metaphor that Fitzgerald employs when introducing Daisy and Jordan, the two main female characters. The phrase in question is “Two young women were buoyed up as though upon an anchored balloon”. What Fitzgerald seems […]Read More

Girls Against: Fighting Gig Groping

It’s the night of the gig. The gig, you know – the one you’ve been anticipating for, like, ever.  You’ve payed twenty-something pounds for your ticket, and you’re majorly, majorly excited. You’re finally there, and the atmosphere is ethereal and exhilarating. But then your night is completely tarnished by some creep who decides the crowd is an appropriate place […]Read More

Pale, male and representatively frail

Despite the 2015 Parliament being dubbed “the most representative yet”, it still remains disproportionately pale, male and representatively frail. With the Conservative Party manifesto stating that “equal treatment and equal opportunity for all in a society proud of its tolerance and diversity”, equality is clearly a topic at the forefront of British politics. Yet, despite these […]Read More

The Bechdel Test: Is It Necessary?

Originally conceived in 1985 by cartoonist Alison Bechdel as “a little lesbian joke in an alternative feminist newspaper”, the Bechdel Test has now become the most popular way of checking gender bias in a work of fiction.  To pass, the work must contain at least two female characters (preferably with names) who have a conversation about something other […]Read More

5 Female Directors You Should Know About

The Oscars came under great fire this year due to their appalling lack of diversity – on top of there being no people of colour in the acting categories, once again there was not a single woman nominated for Best Director, nor has there been since 2010 when Kathryn Bigelow became the first female director ever to […]Read More

Celebrating Women in Music

Yesterday was March 8th – International Women’s Day: the day we have an excuse to express our love for women proudly and freely, so here at The Indiependent, we’ve given a shout out to our favourite girl groups and leading ladies that have fought their way into a male dominated business. Though the extensive list […]Read More