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Game Review: The Medium

Released: 28 January 2021 Rating: PEGI 18 (Extreme Violence, Strong Language) When it comes to horror, few franchises are as fondly remembered as Silent Hill. The series’ eerie titular locale and grotesque creatures are as iconic as the surrounding fog, or that time an adorable dog turned out to be behind everything. There have been […]Read More

Game Review: Haven

Released: December 2020 Rating: M 17+ (Nudity, Sexual Content, Violence, Use of Drugs and Alcohol) As Madness once sang, “Nothing more, nothing less, love is the best” – an undisputed notion, of course, one that also informs the latest sci-fi adventure from Montpellier-based studio The Game Bakers. Haven (2020) has the player exploring the fractured […]Read More

Spiritfarer’s Complicated Relationship with Materialism

Firstly, A Great Management Sim It’s been a few months now since the release of Thunderlotus’ excellent Spiritfarer on all major platforms. In a year full of bombastic releases across the medium, whether it be Doom Eternal’s demon-slaying shenanigans or The Last of Us: Part 2’s revenge tale or even more updates for the numerous […]Read More

‘The Medium’ Delayed To 2021

Xbox Series X/S exclusive The Medium has been delayed by developers Bloober Team, with the new release date set as the 28th January 2021. The latest psychological horror was due to be released on December 10th before the announcement. In a statement, Bloober Team explained the decision.  “It wasn’t an easy choice to make, but […]Read More