Ten Great Albums Turning Ten This Year

A collection of great records that are celebrating their tenth anniversary


It is almost hard to believe, but 2008 was now ten years ago. MySpace was still (just about) reigning supreme over a fledgling Facebook, Barack Obama was elected President and the Olympic games took place in Beijing.  Musically, it was rich terrain, particularly for bands at the beginning and end of their careers, respectively.

Here are ten albums that quite rightly caused a stir in 2008. Some have probably aged better than others…

Oracular Spectacular // MGMT

For psychedelic duo MGMT, the future seemed as bright as their attire. Oracular Spectacular was a glorious smorgasbord of pulsating synths, Stones-esque folk rock and blistering dancefloor fillers. Spawning the mammoth hit singles ‘Time To Pretend’, ‘Kids’ and ‘Electric Feel’, it cemented MGMT’s place at the top of the electro pop pantheon. It was a position the band rebuked, though, and since then they’ve been ploughing a much more esoteric furrow.

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