The 10 Best McFly Songs


The 00s were the era of the boyband: Blazin’ Squad, Busted, JLS… It was a poignant time in the lives of many tweens. We discovered our first glimpses of musical obsession and fan culture, begged parents to buy us that new CD, melted at the sight of an idol as they yelled out to the crowd: “We love you you London!” 

One of the most successful boybands of the era was McFly with a total of 7 UK number 1 singles (the same amount as Elton John, U2 and Justin Bieber). I’d first come across McFly at a Busted gig in 2004. I was 8 years old, ready to scream the lyrics “I drop a pencil on the floor, she bends down and shows me more.” McFly had appeared on stage as the supporting act, singing tales of girls with coloured hair as they ran around in their baggy shorts. I was hooked by these young lads, and have been obsessed ever since.

So when I heard the recent news that McFly had signed a new record deal with BMG for the first time in 10 long years, I, like many other super fans, was ecstatic. Tom from the band shared a link to the BBC article on Twitter, announcing that “new music is on the way.” The announcement was a sight for sore eyes in the crazy year that is 2020, and took me on a trip down Memory Lane, reminding me of better times. So here’s a list of the best McFly songs, with a heavy side of nostalgia.


Think back to May 2004. The last episode of Friends has just aired, Tony Blair is PM and McFly have just realised ‘Obviously’ as their second single. The song went straight to number one in the UK charts showing the world that McFly weren’t a one-hit wonder kind of band.

The song reminds me of Radio 1 on the way to school and choreographing dances in the playground. The catchy lyrics insist the boys will “never be good enough” for a certain mystery girl. Why the self doubt lads? I, like many others my age, had a room full of Top of the Pops Magazine posters of the band Blu-Tacked to the wall, so we couldn’t comprehend why the boys struggled with the ladies in most of their songs.


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