The 10 Best McFly Songs


Sorry’s Not Good Enough

This song was taken from the Motion in the Ocean album. Listening to the tune now, Danny’s gravelly voice is as sexy as ever. It brings me back to a time where every other conversation with my peers was on the great debate: ‘who was our favourite band member’. 13-year-old me (and 24-year-old me) insisted that Danny was ‘obviously’ the cutest.

I can clearly recall my friend shaking her head, brow furrowed, appalled I could even suggest such a thing. In between us lay magazine clips of a Zac Efron, the entire cast of Gossip Girl as well as the McFly lads. We were creating our annual ‘hottest boys’ list for our secret project. Years after the conversation, in 2019, I saw the band live at the O2. As Danny came to life in front of me I gave a nod to my younger self: yep, still the fittest one.


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