The Best Environmental TV Documentaries

The topic of climate change is increasingly growing traction. The BBC and ITV have started showing their dedication to the issue through various adverts, as well as their corporate communications. Some media outlets are striving to cover all aspects of the environment, and there is more information about the immediate consequences of global warming, but not everyone has necessarily seen the brutally honest programmes about the dangers to our world.

Sir David Attenborough often highlights the dangers to species and habitats, due to human use of the planet. But with these nature documentaries, such as Planet Earth and A Perfect Planet, we don’t necessarily see the process of how our actions directly result in these issues. Many of the landscapes and habitats displayed are so far from human communities. Attenborough does use his influence to stress the need to act, even setting up an Instagram account for that purpose. But sometimes it is easy to feel extremely far removed from these rainforests and mountains, many miles from big cities.

There are now so many of these nature documentaries, mainly due to streaming services being able to afford the best technology. It is so important for people to learn about and be educated on these issues, so here are some documentaries that focus on people, the way our lifestyles can impact the environment, and the way we can address this…

Climate Change – The Facts (2019)

David Attenborough narrates this documentary, showing an overview of the immediate dangers posed to our planet by climate change. With leading experts, shocking facts, and footage of animals gravely affected by our warming planet, it is a clear display of the situation our planet is now in. It presents statistics clearly and shows stark evidence of how climate change has already caused many disasters.

It also shows the political and corporate responses to these facts, particularly the insight into how the science was ignored, or manipulated to justify certain industries. Although a lot of it is negative and scary, the documentary concludes with some glimmer of hope. We are left thinking that there is a chance to change things, and that it’s not necessarily an impossible battle to fight.

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