The Gallaghers Are Back In ‘Shameless’ Season 11 Trailer


We may be in the middle of a global pandemic, but that does not stop the Gallagher family from being, well, Gallaghers. The official trailer for the 11th and final, season of Shameless has dropped, giving us a tease of what to expect before we say a sad goodbye to everyone’s favourite dysfunctional family.

For those unaware of the plot, Shameless follows the crazy lives of the poverty-stricken Gallagher family as they grow up, facing the trials and tribulations of the South Side. Praised for its ability to juggle numerous, well-nuanced characters whilst dealing with sensitive but important topics, this is a show that, without a doubt, is a source of entertainment and laughter for many fans.

And like many shows that have resumed filming in 2020, Shameless has had to adapt to the restrictions of COVID-19. This is evident in the trailer in many of the cast donning facial masks and saying hello through the touch of elbows. Lucky for Frank though, it looks as though they’ve not reached the stage of the pandemic where the pubs are closed just yet as the trailer shows The Alibi full of its day-drinking regulars.

The trailer ultimately picks up where season 10 left off, tying up many of the loose ends. In the previous series finale, we saw Ian Gallagher and his lover Mickey Milkovich get married. However, Mickey’s homophobic father tried to sabotage the day multiple times and it is clear that this explosive tension will continue into season 11, with the trailer seeing the Milkovichs moving in next door and announcing their arrival with gunfire. The footage sees the South Side descend into chaos, with numerous fight scenes between the two families as Debbie declares “we’re gonna kill them all!” In true Shameless fashion, fans can expect a LOT of swearing and violence from the new series.

The trailer also addresses the legalisation of marijuana in Chicago as fan favourites Kev and V are depicted starting a weed selling business to get rich fast. There’s never a dull day in the lives of these characters, and the new series will feature the family fighting gentrification, figuring out how to be in a committed marriage, as well as exploring new careers as Carl is kitted out in his new police uniform.

Sadly, however, it will be the last time the show airs on our screens as creator John Wells has announced that season 11 will be the last and final season of the show. But, perhaps, it is for the best. Having lost its central protagonist, Fiona Gallagher, at the end of season 9, the show was not quite the same the following season. Fiona was the glue that held the Gallagher family together, something which her missing presence starkly revealed.

From the new trailer, it’s clear the Gallaghers will be ending the era of Shameless with a bang, but most importantly, they’ll be doing it as a family. Because that’s what the show is all about: Gallaghers standing up for their own and protecting their own at all costs, and this new season looks no different. I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited to hear “Frank Gallagher” be shouted in anger by the cast in this new season, and will be eagerly awaiting December 6 to watch these characters get themselves into a lot of trouble.

Words by Lucy Lillystone


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