The Internet’s Syd Releases First Solo Track In Four Years, ‘Missing Out’


The Internet’s Syd has released her first solo track in almost four years with the launch of ‘Missing Out’. 

Syd’s EP Always Never Home was up until recently her latest solo work, following her debut solo album Fin, both released in 2017.

Syd has still been making noise in the meantime, collaborating with major artists like Lil Uzi Vert and ZAYN, as well as releasing the critically acclaimed album, Hive Mind with The Internet in 2018. More recently, in the latter half of 2020, she featured on Disclosure’s ‘Birthday’ along with Kehlani. 

Described as an “anti Valentine’s Day ode” by the artist, ‘Missing Out’ is a true celebration of singledom. In soft vocals, Syd glosses over a failed relationship before making clear there is no chance of rekindling the romance ever again.

As the chorus repeats “You’re missing out” over recurring electronic synths, the track exhibits the independence, confidence and freedom that being single brings. 

Last year, The Internet tweeted that a solo album from Syd was ‘in the works’, so this track could signal that the album release isn’t far behind. 

Words by Rosh Ilyas


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