The Month in Games – April 2020

April’s gaming releases include two highly-anticipated remakes, new chapters and perspectives in iconic franchises and new tales to tell in epic sagas.

Resident Evil 3

Survive Racoon City in this survival horror remake. Following on from the Resident Evil 2 remake, Resident Evil 3 brings players into the iconic zombie franchise with updated graphics, gameplay and combat. As S.T.A.R.S Officer Jill Valentine, players must escape Racoon City – which has been overrun with people infected with the deadly T-Virus. With help from mercenary Carlos Oliviera, players will fight their way through what remains of Racoon City, while also trying to avoid being discovered by Nemesis, an intelligent infected tyrant who is hell-bent on hunting Jill and her team.

Players who pre-order will unlock a special costume pack feature Jill and Carlos’s original costumes, with PS4 pre-orders also containing a special PS4 theme. Resident Evil 3 will also include a new multiplayer title, Resident Evil: Resistance, where players will work in teams of four as Survivors, or alone as an evil Mastermind. The Collector’s Edition includes a copy of the game with limited edition packaging, a double-sided poster featuring a map of Racoon City, Project: N & Project: R artbook, a double album digital soundtrack and 11” Jill Valentine figure in a collector’s box.

Resident Evil 3 will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 from April 4*

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Return to Midgar in this highly anticipated remake. Final Fantasy VII follows the story of Cloud Strife, a young mercenary who travels to the city of Midgar. Upon arrival, he soon discovers not all is well as the city has come under the control of the Shinra Electric Power Company – Cloud’s former employers – with a single group, known as Avalanche, opposing the company’s ruthless control of the city. Joining forces with childhood friend Tifa Lockhart and Avalance leader Barret Wallace, it will be up to players to take Cloud into the depths of the city as this classic adventure unfolds.

Players who pre-order any edition will receive the Chocobo Chick Summon DLC pack, with all players who play the demo before May 11 receiving a limited edition PS4 theme. The Deluxe Edition includes a copy of the game, a Sephiroth Steelbook case, artbook, a mini soundtrack and additional DLC in a deluxe package. The 1ST Class Edition includes all the content from the Deluxe Edition along with bonus Summon Materia DLC and a Play Arts collectable figurine set of Cloud Strife and the Hardy Daytona.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available on PlayStation 4 from April 10*

Predator: Hunting Grounds

Hunt or be hunted in this action-packed shooter. Based on the iconic film franchise, Predator: Hunting Grounds will have players traversing through jungles across South America. With the option of playing as either a member of a Fireteam or the Predator itself, players will have to plan their attacks and defence carefully in order to complete their missions. As part of a Fireteam, players will work in squads of four with a whole arsenal of high-tech weapons, whereas those choosing to play as the Predator will be able to use top-line alien technology – including the iconic thermal vision.

Players who pre-order the game will unlock an exclusive skin for the Predator based on the 1987 film, a PS4 theme, avatar pack and will also gain early access to the Ole Painless minigun to use in-game. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes a copy of the game, Predators: Hunters digital comic, early access to the Battle Hardened Assault character and Predator Eclipse mask, a pack of PlayStation themed items – including war paint and weapons skins – for both Predator and the Fireteam, digital artbook, bonus Field Lockers and 48-hour double XP boost.

Predator: Hunting Grounds will be available on PlayStation 4 and PC from April 24*

Trials of Mana

An epic search is on with this 3D remake. Trials of Mana puts players into a world under threat from once dormant creatures known as Benevodons. Playing as one of six different characters – Angela, Duran, Hawkeye, Riesz, Kevin, and Charlotte – players will be brought to the Holy City of Wendel. Encountering a faerie on their journey, it is soon revealed that the forces keeping the Benevodons at bay are weakening and that the Sword of Mana is the only hope left to stop their destructive uprising.

Players who pre-order will unlock a free in-game accessory, the Rabite Adornment, which will give players an EXP boost after battles up to Level 10.

Trials of Mana will be available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch from April 24*

Gears Tactics

Every turn counts in this latest release from the Gears franchise. In Gears Tactics, players will be following the story of Gabe Diaz, a coalition soldier, 12 years before the events of the first Gears of War. Players will control Diaz and his team as they fight against the forces of the Locusts, taking it in turns to make their way into battle. Player’s choices will count like never before, with fully customisable squads, armour, weapons and classes. With each battle, the brutal style of the Gears franchise is present, with one wrong move being the difference between victory or a very bloody end.

Players who pre-order the game, or who play via Xbox Game Pass for PC before May 4, will unlock the Thrashball Cole Character Pack to use in-game.

Gears Tactics will be available on PC from April 28*

Sakura Wars

The stage and the battlefield come together in this steampunk-inspired adventure. Set in 1940’s Imperial Japan, Sakura Wars follows the members of the Imperial Combat Revue. Soldiers in wartime and performers in peacetime, players will become part of the Flower Division. As the group’s newly appointed captain, Seijuro Kamiyama, it will be up to players to secure the future of the Division by training their team and restoring the Imperial Theatre back to it’s former glory.

The Launch Edition includes a copy of the game, reversible cover art, sticker set and a Theatre Costume Add-On bundle, which includes six new costumes for players to use.

Sakura Wars will be available on PlayStation 4 from April 28*

Free to Play

Xbox players with either a Gold or Game Pass Ultimate subscription will be able to download and play four new games for free this month. On Xbox One, Project CARS 2 will be available from April 1-30*, with Knights of Pen and Paper Bundle available from April 16 – May 15*. On Xbox 360 – and Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility – Fable Anniversary will be available from April 1-15*, followed by Toybox Turbos from April 16-30*

Over on PlayStation, PS Plus members will have two new games to download and play for free this month. Starting from April 7*, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Dirt Rally 2.0 will be available on PlayStation 4.

Players with linked Amazon and Twitch accounts will be able to claim five free games this month via Twitch Prime. From April 1*, Turok, Etherborn, Light Matter, Earthlock and Kathy Rain will all be available for download. Information on how to claim these games – along with details of all of this month’s bonuses and offers – can be found on the Twitch Prime website.

Also Released This Month

April 1* – Totally Reliable Delivery Service (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch), Stimuli (PC)

April 2* – Curious Expedition (Switch), Dandy Dungeon II (PC, Switch), MazM: Jekyll and Hyde (PC, Switch), Snakeybus (Switch)

April 3* – In Other Waters (PC, Switch), Endzone: A World Apart (PC – Steam Early Access), Aeolis Tournament (Switch, PC), Torchlight 2 (Xbox One, PS4), SuperEpic (PS4, Switch), HyperParasite (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch), Pode (Switch, PS4, PC), Snakeybus (Xbox One)

April 7* – Disaster Report 4 (PS4, PC, Switch), Slime Rancher: Deluxe Edition (Xbox One, PS4)

April 8* – Sonar Smash (PC, Mac, iOS, Android)

April 9* – Cardfight! Vanguard (iOS, Android), Rocky Rampage (iOS, Android)

April 10* – Someday You’ll Return (PC)

April 16* – Hellpoint (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch), Another World/Flashback (PS4, Switch), Boot Camp Fitness (PC), Later Daters (PC), Save Your Nuts (Xbox One, PC, Switch)

April 17* – BADLADS (PC), Finding Teddy 2 – Definitive Edition (Switch)

April 21* – Summit of the Wolf (PC)

April 22* – ITTA (PC, Switch), SoundSelf: A Technodelic (Mac, PC, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive)

April 23* – Cloudpunk (PC), MotoGP 2020 (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch), A Summer’s End – Hing Kong 1986 (PC), Filament (Linus, Mac, PC)

April 24* – Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – Road to Boruto (Switch), Deliver Us The Moon (Xbox One, PS4, Switch), Nira (PC), Project Genesis (PC)

April 28* – Snowrunner (Xbox One, PS4, PC), Moving Out (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch), Daymare: 1998 Black Edition (PS4), Cooking Mama Cookstar (PS4, Switch), Umurangi Generation (PC)

April 29* – Dread Nautical (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch)

April 30* – Levelhead (Xbox One, PC, Switch, iOS, Android)

*Dates refer to UK release only. International dates may vary and are subject to change. All information correct at time of writing.

Words by Megan Roxburgh

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