The Month in Games: March 2016

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls Collection

Two of PlayStation’s most complex games get a next gen upgrade in this new collection. Originally released in 2010, Heavy Rain follows four people who are involved in the case of a serial killer who uses prolonged rain showers as a way of drowning his victims. In 2013’s Beyond: Two Souls, players take on the role of Jodie Holmes, a young woman whose link with the incorporeal Aiden has granted her supernatural powers since birth.

The products of Quantic Dream, both games are linked with their use of innovative and in-depth motion capture performance from both casts to tell their own stories. While Heavy Rain switches between four playable characters with vastly different outlooks at narratives, Beyond: Two Souls has a more central focus – with the playable characters all being central to the action. As well as the dual release collection, both titles will be available individually for gamers to experience the next-gen versions of these gripping tales.

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls Collection will be available on PlayStation 4 from March 4*

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