The Month in Games – May 2019


Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package 

The streets of Steelport are your playground in this gang caper. In Saints Row: The Third, the player is the boss of the titular gang who have risen from humble beginning to become globally infamous. However, a new group has risen in Steelport who look to topple the Saints. Formed of several gangs, the Syndicate has taken control of the city and it is up to the player and their crew to take back control – by any and all means necessary.



Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package will feature all three mission packs and over 30 DLC items. Players who pre-order will receive the Deluxe Pack. This pack includes a copy of the game with a case sleeve and double-sided inlay, a series of double-sided character Lithographs, Saints Row screen cloth, console stickers and thumb grips, and a A2 double-sided poster.


Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package will be available on Nintendo Switch from May 10*


A dystopia awaits in this highly anticipated sequel. Set in the aftermath of an asteroid crash, Rage 2 puts players in a world reborn as nothing more than a wasteland. As Walker, the last Ranger left alive, players will have to navigate their way through this vast open world as new settlements and factions struggle for power and resources. Players will also have to watch out for the Authority – the new military power in the world – who are searching for precious nanotech and Walker has become one of their prime targets.



Players who pre-order will receive the exclusive Cult of the Death God mission, Settlers pistol, Nicholas Raine armour and a Mutant monster truck skin. The Wingstick Deluxe Edition includes a copy of the game, Rise of the Ghost expansion, DOOM BFG UAC Super Weapon, Wasteland Wizard cheat codes, a Battle Standard, Progress Boaster and Wingstick weapon. The Collectors Edition includes a copy of the game and all the content in the Wingstick Edition as well as a Steelbook case, collectors’ poster and a Rackus The Crusher talking head.


RAGE 2 will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC from May 14*

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered

 One of the final battles of World War II provides the setting for this tactical shooter remaster. In Sniper Elite V2 Remastered, players take on the role of Lieutenant Karl Fairburne, an American OSS Officer who finds himself dispatched to Berlin in 1945. His primary mission is to track down those involved in the development of the V-2 ballistic missile as well as attempting to recruit Nazi scientists as part of Operation Paperclip.



Sniper Elite V2 Remastered will include all DLC missions, maps & weapons along with updated visuals with full 4K & HDR support, a new Photo Mode to share your experiences with other players and a new multiplayer & co-op system with 16 player online modes and 4-person co-op. The game will also come with a selection of new playable characters taken from the spin-off trilogy Zombie Army.


Sniper Elite V2 Remastered will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch from May 14*

Team Sonic Racing

 Speed through the competition as Sonic takes to the track in this racing adventure. For Team Sonic Racing players will be able to take their favourite characters from the beloved franchise and compete against each other in a series of races. With 12 characters in each race, players will have to work in teams in order to come out on top. With a mix of on and offline race modes – including Grand Prix, Exhibition, Time-Trial and Team Adventures – along with fully customisable cars, there will be something for everyone.



Players who pre-order Sonic Team Racing through select retailers will receive an exclusive keyring featuring Sonic, Knuckles and Tails. Players will also have the option of purchasing the game alongside a Sonic the Hedgehog Racing Transformed pullback racing car.


Team Sonic Racing will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch from May 21*

Everybody’s Golf VR

Experience the fairways like never before with this VR experience. With Everybody’s Golf VR, players will be able to test their skills on the greens with several different challenges. From learning the ropes on the driving range to perfecting the ideal shots from power drives to precise putts on the greens. With three courses to tee off on, players will have to put everything they’ve learned into practise in order to achieve the best scores possible.



Players who pre-order Everybody’s Golf VR will unlock an addition caddie along with Seaside and Forest themes along with a third Custom theme for the game.


Everybody’s Golf VR will be available on PlayStation VR from May 22*

Little Friends: Dogs and Cats

Care and communication are the keys to success in this adorable Switch release. In Little Friends: Dogs and Cats players will be able to own up to 12 different cute companions for the consoles first foray into pet training. Players will be able to have three of their chosen friends at home at any one time to bond, train and play together both at home and out and about. Players will also be able to choose from a wide array of decorations and accessories for their homes and their pets to suit their own tastes and pet needs.



With over 20 breeds to choose from, players will be spoilt for choice when picking out their perfect pets. Players will also be able to put their training skills to the test with skills tournaments or they can just take it easy going for a stroll and taking photos with their pets to create memories and find special hidden treasures.


Little Friends: Cats and Dogs will be available on Nintendo Switch from May 28*

Free to Play

Xbox Gold subscribers will have four new titles to download and play for free this month. From May 1-31*, Marooners will be available on Xbox One, along with The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA Tour from May 16 – June 15*. On Xbox 360, and Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One, Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon will be available from May 1-15*, followed by Comic Jumper from May 16-31*


Over on PlayStation, active Plus subscribers will have two new titles to download and play for free this month on PlayStation 4. From May 7* Overcooked and What Remains of Edith Finch will be available to download.


Full details on this month’s Twitch Prime deals and content – which includes 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online free – can be found on the Twitch Prime website.


Also Released This Month

May 1*Black Paradox (PS4), Precipice (PC), Table Top Racing: World Tour – Nitro Edition (Switch)

May 2*Guard Duty (PC, Mac, Linus), Black Paradox (PC), Rise of Industry (PC, Mac, Linus), Close to the Sun (PC), Strike Suit Zero (Switch), VA-11 Hall-A (PS4, Switch)

May 3*Black Paradox (Xbox One, Switch), Sairento VR (PSVR), Steven Universe Save The Light And OK K.O! Let’s Play Heroes (Xbox One, PS4, Switch), The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II (PS4), Wasteland 2 (Switch), UPPERS (PS4)

May 7*Brief Battles (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

May 9*Yakuza Kiwami 2 (PC), Life is Strange 2 – Episode 3: Wastelands (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

May 10*Goblin Squad (PC), Reverse Crawl (Switch), Warhammer 40,000: Adeptus Titanicus – Dominus (PS4), Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch (Switch), Farm Expert 2019 (Switch), The Station (PSVR)

May 14*A Plague Tale: Innocence (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

May 16*Road to Guangdong (PC), Tennis World Tour – Roland-Garros Edition (Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC), Castlevania Anniversary Collection (Switch)

May 17*Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut (Switch), Eden Rising: Supremacy (PC), Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Edition (Switch), R.I.C.O. (PS4, Switch)

May 21*Killing Floor: Double Feature (PS4, PSVR), Observation (PC, PS4), Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered (Switch), Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland (PS4, PC, Switch), Resident Evil Zero (Switch), Resident Evil HD Remaster (Switch), Resident Evil 4 (Switch)

May 22*Gladiabots (PC)

May 23*Pathologic 2 (PC), Total War: Three Kingdoms (PC, Mac, Linus), S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster (PC), TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge (Switch)

May 24*Dollhouse (PC), For The King (PS4, Switch), Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition (Switch)

May 28*Oxygen Not Included (PC), Vambrace: Cold Soul (PC, Mac), Blood & Truth (PSVR), Cricket 19 (Xbox One, PS4, Switch), Battle Worlds Kronos (Switch), Spellforce 3: Soul Harvest Limited Edition (PC)

May 29*Among the Sleep – Enhanced Edition (Switch)

May 30*Conan Unconquered (PC)

May 31*Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa (PS4, Switch, PC), Trover Saves the Universe (PS4), Fuze4 (Switch), Home Sweet Home (PS4, PSVR), Hollow Knight (PS4, Switch), Lapis x Labyrinth (PS4, Switch), Vaporum (Switch), PixArk (Xbox One, PS4, Switch), Sudden Strike 4 Complete Collection (Xbox One, PS4, PC)



*Dates refer to UK release only. International dates may vary and are subject to change. All information correct at time of writing.

Words by Megan Roxburgh.


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