The Month in Games: September 2015


Among the games being released in September are a post apocalyptic combat adventure, new titles from the world of sport and a chance to literally create any world for a certain plumber to travel through.


Mad Max

Based on the blockbuster film series comes the Mad Max video game. In this open world adventure, players will control Max Rockatansky as he travels through the wastelands. While searching for his own lost car, the Interceptor, he is also trying to build his ultimate vehicle – the Magnum Opus – if he can manage to survive long enough in the various regions.

Along with the different vehicle options – which players can also customise themselves – will be a range of weapons for Max to use to fight his enemies. The game will also feature the opportunity to switch between third and first person perspective during vehicle combat missions. Players will also have to collect supplies for the vehicles and for their own survival in the world, such as food, water and ammo.

Mad Max is available to buy from September 1* on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC



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