The Most Controversial Wikipedia Pages Of All Time

In honour of Wikipedia’s 20th Birthday in January 2021, web design and development agency, Rouge Media, has analysed the site’s most-edited pages to figure out which one draws the most controversy from readers. Andy Woods, Design Director of Rouge Media spoke about the process, commenting “it’s really interesting to reflect on 20 years of Wikipedia by exploring its most edited pages.”

Everyone’s favourite source of information, (or least favourite according to others), is a free online encyclopaedia on which anyone can create or edit pages. To some, this means the information might not be reliable but to others, it is a fascinating opportunity to see what facts and information cause the most controversy in people around the globe.

Somewhat shockingly, the most edited page on Wikipedia, with over 52,000 edits in 20 years, is the article ‘List of WWE Personnel.’ WWE is an American entertainment company known for professional wrestling, having world-famous alumni such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Hulk Hogan. Since its foundation in the 1950s, WWE had its fair share of scandals, incidents and lawsuits – which perhaps gives a reason for the number of updates the page has received.

In second place came the Wikipedia page of George W. Bush. The 43rd President of the United States had his page edited 47,107 times since it was created. Another USA president ranking high on the controversy rating was Donald Trump, his page was the 5th most edited on the list and the number of edits continuously increased since his inauguration. Barack Obama scored 10th on the list, his page (and personality) causing less controversy than his successor.

The United States of America’s page was the third most-edited page of the past 20 years. Other pages in the top 10 included Wikipedia’s own page, Michael Jackson and Jesus amongst others, each scoring above 30,000 edits since their creation.

As Wikipedia turns 20, the number of voluntary editors has decreased considerably but there is always more to know and more to learn. Andy Woods concluded that “its goal of compiling everything there is to know about everything may be a never-ending one, but it’s clear that no matter the subject, there’s always something more to add.”

Words by Regina Toth, with thanks to Rouge Media.


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