The Top 10 Debut Rock Albums


6. Boston // Boston, 1976

We’ve all heard ‘More Than a Feeling’. We’ve all listened to its easy beginning, before it launches us into a glamorous tundra of youthful yearning.

But Boston’s debut album is more than just that song, it’s a seventies rock classic, quintessential in the conversation of rock’s evolution. Although under-appreciated, the entire project is so finely crafted by Tom Scholz, it’s more like a love project to rock than an album in and of itself. 

Sitting beside Foreigner and REO Speedwagon as examples of early pop or synth-rock, the album deserves a place here for two reasons: firstly, it forgoes the shackles of rock and found its own place among giants, and secondly because of the brazen boundary pushing attempted. 


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