The Trailer is Here For ‘Sex Education’ Season 3

When we last saw the pupils of Moordale High, there were a lot of unanswered questions. Headmaster Mr Groff had packed his bags and been booted from his post. Eric and Adam had a dramatic (albeit romantic) moment during Lily’s erotic production of Romeo and Juliet. And, lest we forget, Isaac had deleted Otis’ highly important voicemail to Maeve while she was out of the room. A new addition to the cast, Isaac could stand in the way of Maeve and Otis’ epic love story. But, perhpas most shockingly, Jean was informed that she was pregnant.The trailer for Sex Education’s explosive third season was released on the 7th September. Previously, we have been given a sneak peek as to what’s been happening at Moordale High with adverts for the new and improved school, starring new headmistress Hope (Jemima Kirke).In this season of Sex Education, due for release on Netflix on September 17th, big changes are coming. Hope seems to have instated a uniform and strict new code of conduct. Perhaps this is to quell Moordale’s reputation as the ‘Sex School’ – which is now nationwide. According to Asa Butterfield (Otis) in an interview with The Guardian, there has been a time jump since the events at the end of Season 2. Much has changed. Otis is also sporting a rather fetching little moustache along with his uniform. Thankfully, Butterfield has also reassured viewers that it doesn’t last all season.

Interestingly, for a show about sex, the trailer teases that there is more to these characters than their sex lives – as we know. Perhaps this season will delve into the consequences of over sexualisation and the dangers of abstinence education in response to teenage sexuality. Maeve implores Otis to do something about the ‘backwards’ way of teaching, though he refuses.

We also see what others have been getting up to. Adam and Eric seem to be going strong, which is good news for some, and terrible for others. Jean is sporting a baby bump, and so we can expect her to navigate the consequences of a pregnancy this late in life and her relationship with Jakob. Aimee’s fantastic development seems to be continuing as well, with glimpses of her visiting Jean. Perhaps she will continue to deal with the trauma of the bus incident in season 2. Her character arc in season 2 garnered much praise, and it’s exciting to see where it could go next, not only with the long lasting effects of the assault, but also with her crusade for an identity and sense of purpose. While Maeve and many of the other characters have a talent or direction in their lives, Aimee has continued to struggle with her sense of self – something many young people can relate to.Releasing on September 17th, the show seems to be maturing, and will hopefully remain one of the best things Netflix has to offer.Words by Maddy Raven

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