Theatre News: Disney+ Releases Official Trailer For Broadway’s Hamilton The Musical

Photo Credit: Hamilton The Musical

A recording of the live theatrical production of Hamilton is coming to Disney+ on the 3rd of July. If you weren’t already excited enough, there’s now an official trailer to give a little taste of the brilliance that is to come.

Walt Disney Studios posted the trailer earlier yesterday morning:

Whether you’ve seen the stage show hundreds of times, or have always dreamt of doing so, the news of a recording of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton is sure to have left you more than ‘Satisfied’. #Hamilfilm is already trending on Twitter. 

The recording is from the Broadway production of the musical, with all of the original cast members. If you’re a fan of the soundtrack, this means that all of your favourite voices will be brought to life on-screen, with the likes of Jonathon Groff, Phillipa Soo and Leslie Odom Jr. Of course, there’s also Miranda himself playing the main man, Alexander Hamilton. 

The recording wasn’t due to be released until October 2021, but like many other much-anticipated theatre releases, Disney have chosen to bring the release date forward in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

So, there’s no need to worry about not being able to snatch up tickets for the Pulitzer Prize winning musical anymore; you will soon be able to stream Hamilton from your sofa as many times as you like. In the meantime, get the soundtrack on repeat- there are a fair few lyrics to memorise, and you’ve only got less than two weeks left to do it. 

Words by Lauren Robertson.


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