Theatre News: Lin-Manuel Miranda Reveals Hamilton Clips And Dialogue Changes

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Lin-Manuel Miranda teased clips of Hamilton on his Twitter last week, ahead of the film release on Disney+ on Friday. Miranda also announced two changes to the show’s dialogue in order to cater to younger audiences.

Exciting his 3.1M Twitter followers for the release of Hamilton, the show’s writer has taken to sharing footage from the performance, as well as responding to people’s comments and questions. One user asked whether any iconic lines from the show have been cut, due to the PG13 rating. In his response, Miranda clarified two changes to the language used in the show.

He tweeted: “On July 3, you’re getting the whole show, every note & scene, & a 1-minute countdown clock during intermission (bathroom!). But MPAA has a hard rule about language: more than 1 utterance of “Fuck” is an automatic R rating. We have 3 “Fucks” in our show.”

Miranda then confirmed in a follow up tweet that two out of three of the swear words have been changed in the film. The swearing is censored during ‘Yorktown’ and in ‘Washington On Your Side’ the swearing is covered up with a record scratching sound.

As well as clarifying changes to the show, show clips were released on Miranda’s Twitter last week. This included a video originally shared by Walt Disney Studios of the opening number, an exclusive clip of the song ‘The Room Where It Happens’, released by Playbill.

Hamilton streams on Disney+ on Friday 3 July.

Words by Phoebe Eyles.


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