Theatre News: Lin-Manuel Miranda spills Hamilton film details


Lin-Manuel Miranda has provided Variety magazine with an update on the status of the Hamilton film, in a recent interview.

With previous reports stating that Miranda’s pitch had caused a bidding war between a number of studios, including Netflix, he has now revealed that the film will be coming “sooner rather than later”.

Variety have tweeted:

“Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about finding the right time to release the #Hamilton movie: “You all have that friend who brags, ‘I saw that with the original cast.’ We’re stealing that brag from everyone. You’re all gonna see it with the original cast.” “

Allegedly, the film was recorded a week before Miranda and the rest of the original Hamilton ensemble finished their time in the show.

Miranda has said that “Tommy [Thomas Kail, Hamilton‘s director] has made that [the musical’s recording] into a great movie”.

The Hamilton film will be the second released under Lin-Manuel Miranda’s name, with his other hit musical (In The Heights) due to hit cinemas globally on August 7th, 2020

The stage production of Hamilton remains a success on London’s West End, with the show winning a Critics’ Circle Theatre Award for Best Musical, as well as seven Laurence Olivier awards.

Words by Morgan Hartley.


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