Theatre News: Lucy Moss Makes Broadway History As Youngest Female Musical Director

Chicago Shakespeare Theatre

The co-director and co-writer of Six The Musical, Lucy Moss, is officially the youngest female director working on a Broadway musical, according to the show’s production team.

On Monday, Lucy Moss took the record from the hands of director Liz Swados, who has held the title since 1978. Swados was just 27 when she directed Runaways.

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Moss’s new title also means that she joins the likes of Orson Welles, who was 22 when he became the youngest man to direct a musical on Broadway. (The Cradle Will Rock, 1937.)

Upon hearing of her record break, Moss stated:

“I don’t know what to say other than…wow?!?!!!! I turned 26 two weeks ago and honestly I’ve been grieving the loss of my early 20s ever since. But this news has really made me feel like a spring chicken again! So just a huge shout out to the patriarchy and historic oppression of female-identifying people for making me feel super young and glam!!!!!

Lol but no – obviously this means the absolute world to me. I can barely get my head around it. It is extremely humbling and I hope it inspires and, more importantly, opens the door for many other young women to come and smash this record. It’s about time!”

Co-writing the show with Toby Marlow, and co-directing the Broadway production with Jamie Armitage, Six starts its previews at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on February 13th- just under a month before its official opening night on March 12th.

Words by Morgan Hartley.


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