Theatre News: Outdoor Performances To Go Ahead From This Weekend

After a long wait, theatre fans will finally be able to go and see a live performance at an outdoor venue.

Coming off the back of the news that the government intends to give £1.57 billion to the arts industry, they have now announced from Saturday 11th July, outdoor performances can go ahead. Open-air performances, concerts and shows will take place as long as the audience remains socially distanced and business safety guidelines are followed.

Outdoor performances have proven successful in the past; Into The Woods at the Regent Park’s Open Air Theatre, starring Hannah Waddingham and Michael Xavier, was a popular show and got plenty of sizeable audiences.

This announcement was followed by new government guidelines, including the need for extra social distancing in orchestras and no singing as a form of audience participation.

Lockdown has been a massive turning point for theatres and people working within the arts. The reality of the last couple of months has proved that more and more people have wanted a form of escapism, which has highlighted how valuable the arts industry really is.

Words by Neve Gordon-Farleigh.

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