Theatre News: Phantom Of The Opera Will Be Back


Just last week, we announced that Phantom of the Opera was closing after thirty-four years, but this week, the Phantom saga has continued.

Andrew Lloyd Webber responded to news of the show’s closure saying: “As far as I’m concerned Phantom will reopen as soon as it is possible”.

It now appears that Lloyd Webber was right, and that will be back. 

In a new statement by the Phantom of the Opera production, it has been revealed that a “brand new, physical production” of the show will run in the West End in the future. 

Hopefully, this new statement will put to bed all the questions surrounding Phantom and provide comfort for both fans and members of the production (old and new).

The statement says: “In summary, we can’t tell you exactly when the Phantom will be back- but we can tell you that he will be back”.

This news comes hand-in-hand with the exciting announcement that venue owners, Lloyd Webber Theatres, have taken a fifty-year lease extension and plan to “do everything in their power to re-launch, better than ever, once the work is completed”.

Naturally, all of this is affected by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic: “We wish that we could put a date on it – but, at this stage, there are just too many variables”.

It has been a turbulent couple of weeks for Phantom of the Opera, but we finally have the news that we have all been hoping for: Phantom will be back, and it will be back at Her Majesty’s in London’s West End. 

Words by Orla McAndrew.

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