Throwback Thursday: Are You Gonna Be My Girl // Jet


Australian rock band, Jet’s most well-known tune, ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’, is from their debut album Get Born and was released in August 2003, making it almost twelve years old. The track starts with a jingling tambourine beat that is apparent right the way through the song, giving it a 60s Motown-style sound. The introduction of the incredibly catchy bass guitar riff, which arrives seconds into the song, gets listeners hooked.

‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ boasts snappy rhymes in its lyrics “Four, five, six c’mon and get your kicks / Now you don’t need that money when you look like that, do ya honey” which enhances the feel-good vibe that this song creates. The track is immensely catchy and memorable and was ranked number 61 on Rolling Stone magazine’s ‘100 best songs of the 2000s’.

This song is so upbeat it is virtually impossible not to want to dance along, and the addictive tune (which has the ability to stay stuck in the listener’s head days after listening to the song), screeching vocals and fun lyrics make this a thoroughly enjoyable track.

Despite its age, ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ has a nostalgic, carefree vibe to it, making it the perfect summer jam time and time again.

Words by Sarah Turner


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