Throwback Thursday: Siberian Breaks // MGMT


An overlooked gem on MGMT’s fantastic 2010 follow-up to their widely popular Oracular Spectacular, ‘Siberian Breaks’ became a staple in the alternative/psychedelic rockers’ live set. Along with the other songs on Congratulations, this ever-changing track symbolized a new era for the band that was more true to themselves and heralded in the sound they genuinely desired to emanate. Though not as radio-friendly as the duo’s early hits such as ‘Kids’ and ‘Time to Pretend’, this throwback-Thursday selection is a fan favorite that deserves another listen.

This 12 minute, guitar and synth-driven piece shifts from one musical style to the next, taking the listener’s imagination on a trip through different worlds with each turn. On the song, frontman Andrew Vanwyngarden himself explained, “It’s kind of like eight different songs strung together into one.” But don’t let the perceived busyness deter you from revisiting this track. The artful instrumental transitions that seamlessly string together the parts and the disconnected yet surprisingly profound lyrics accompanying each segment construct this psychedelic rock epic. If you need a new song to play as you jam out in your room or reflect on a long bus ride, this 2010 classic is for you!

Words by Kate Fletcher


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