The Top 10 Courteeners Songs


10. The Opener // Falcon (2010)

I’ve heard many Courteeners fans declare that they don’t like the ‘The Opener’ from the band’s 2010 record, Falcon. And, fair enough, upon first listen through it can seem somewhat excluding if you’re not from the band’s hometown city of Manchester: “I was meant for this place, I was meant for you.”

Up and down the country the Courteeners have amassed a devoted and loyal fanbase who are notorious for the enthusiastic manner in which they embrace live shows. Yet despite the cultivation of such a passionate set of fans nationally, it’s fair enough that the band should always have a soft spot for the city where they started out.

Afterall, Manchester has a rich musical heritage and it makes sense that the Courteeners want to embed themselves alongside the likes of Oasis and The Smiths – note the reference to “hand in glove” in ‘Fallowfield Hillbilly’ and “I’m like Morrissey with some strings” in ‘What Took You So Long’. ‘The Opener’ is a thank you letter of a sort, to the city which raised them – a sentiment which is simply too charming to ignore.


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