The Top 10 Courteeners Songs


4. Marquee – Anna (2013)

Along with ‘That Kiss’, ‘Marquee’ is somewhat more subdued than the majority of the Courteeners’ catalogue, with the focus on the emotionally wrought narrative that Fray lays bare. Slower songs such as this one show that it’s not all about the pyro for the Courteeners; afterall no matter how tough you are you’re capable of being unlucky in love.

Fray takes on an appealing, somewhat desperate tone “I don’t mean to be so rude / but next time you think you might not love someone / don’t you think it’s best to tell them earlier on?” This rawness is aided by the choral backing vocals, which lends the track its overall melancholic quality. ‘Marquee’ is a refreshing change from the “up and at ‘em” constructions which the band are arguably more comfortable with.


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