The Top 10 Episodes of Doctor Who

As the 10th Season of the Revival Series of Doctor Who is drawing to a close, with what is bound to be a kick ass finale (Mondasian Cybermen, come on guys!), I thought it fitting to take a look back on some of the best episodes to ever grace our screens over the past 12 years. And’s list was just utter rubbish. Like, it made me want to cry. So here we have my picks for the Top 10 Revival episodes of Doctor Who. Feel free to challenge me on my choices, but just know that you are wrong to disagree.

Honourable Mention – The Night of the Doctor

While this may not be a full length episode (hence the Honourable Mention), fans were treated to a surprise mini-episode featuring Eighth Doctor Paul McGann before the 50th Anniversary special The Day of the Doctor. Given that McGann’s audio dramas were so brilliant, and he did do a good job in the [albeit] average Doctor Who film, it’s a damn shame that we haven’t had more mini-episodes like this one. Paul McGann (a fellow Scouser) absolutely shone as The Doctor in this episode, and it was like he never left the role. It also gave fans some well needed closure surrounding the events leading up to his regeneration into The War Doctor (played by John Hurt). It was a wonderful homage to a Doctor whose tenure was unfortunately short-lived.

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