Top 10 Hidden TV Gems Perfect for Lockdown


With all of us spending a lot more time at home than usual, shows like Tiger King and Normal People have kept us entertained and provided a much-welcomed distraction from current events. There are an infinite amount of shows available to stream, yet some are overlooked despite being just as well-written, original and entertaining. As a way of highlighting some of these forgotten TV gems, this list presents some of the best shows of the 21st century that deserve more hype, and are definitely worth re-visiting…

Flowers (Netflix & All 4)

My favourite TV show, Flowers, is an ingenious programme that was directed / written / created by the brilliant Will Sharpe, who also stars in the series. The show is perhaps best described as a dark-comedy, but this label doesn’t come close to covering its originality. It exists almost in a category of its own, with a very specific type of weird comedy blended with family tragedy, quirky characters and artsy direction that makes for an overwhelmingly emotional and bewildering viewing experience. It follows the lives of the dysfunctional Flowers family (Mr. and Mrs. Flowers played by the wonderful Julian Barratt and Olivia Colman) and explores issues like loneliness and mental illness. Whilst very sad at times, the characters are extremely likeable (despite their flaws) and often laugh-out-loud funny. The show’s incredible artistic vision, wonderful dialogue, and chaotic atmosphere deserve far more attention than they received. Its oddness won’t appeal to everyone, but if you like shows such as The Mighty Boosh and Killing Eve, it is definitely worth checking out.

Toby Jones and Mackenzie Crook in Detectorists

Detectorists (BBC iPlayer)

Like Flowers, this show received 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. It follows the day-to-day lives of Lance and Andy (Toby Jones and Mackenzie Crook), who live in a picturesque English village and spend their time metal-detecting and talking about life. They are part of a society of fellow ‘Detectorists’, who are all wonderfully odd and enjoy discussing local history and looking for treasure. It is the perfect show for a bit of escapism, as pretty much every scene has the characters immersed in nature, and even if things go wrong for them, the tone remains light. Its soothing atmosphere is the perfect antidote for these stressful times, and you may even find yourself wanting to become a Detectorist too. If you’re looking for a show with a similar vibe to the easy-going Gavin and Stacey, then this show is definitely for you.


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