Top 10 Hidden TV Gems Perfect for Lockdown


This Way Up (All 4)

Irish comedian Aisling Bea wrote and starred in this fantastic comedy that proved to be the perfect binge-successor to Fleabag‘s two seasons. This Way Up received critical acclaim, but didn’t receive anywhere near as much attention as Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s series. Bea’s comedy follows Aine, a woman who has suffered a nervous breakdown and is trying to build herself back up again. The best thing about this show is the relationship between Aine and her sister Shona (Sharon Horgan), who are both funny in their own right but are at their best when they’re on screen together. Shona constantly worries about Aine and is a great support to her, and the strength of their bond is best shown by their ability to make each other laugh despite things not being perfect. If you liked Fleabag and Catastrophe then you don’t want to miss This Way Up.

Emma Thompson in Years and Years

Years and Years (BBC iPlayer)

This Russell T. Davies drama didn’t go unnoticed, but considering how brilliant it was, it should have got more attention. Years and Years follows a family from 2019 to 2036, as they deal with the technological, economic and political changes that occur over time. While its exploration of transhumanism is central, with some characters obsessed with upgrading their bodies using technology, the portrayal of immigration is the most interesting and moving, with some truly heart-breaking and shocking scenes. Davies’ depiction of the future is both worrying and compelling, as he demonstrates a deep understanding of present issues and how they might evolve in the near future.


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