Top 5 Books to Read this Summer


Although the weather is not reflecting it right now, it is technically summertime. I do spend most of the year reading but there’s something extra special about spending a warm summer day reading in your garden or at the beach.
Like many things this year, summer is going to be very different. But there will be plenty of time for reading! So, here are my top 5 picks of books to read this summer.

The Summer I Turned Pretty – Jenny Han

Before To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before there was The Summer I Turned Pretty which is as the title might suggest is the perfect summer read. Every year Isabel and her family spend summer at the Fisher family’s beach house. This year, however, is different, because this is the summer that the two Fisher boys Conrad and Jeremiah finally notice Isabel in the way that she has been dreaming about. Isabel must now decide which boy she truly loves and whose heart she will break. From first loves to first kisses, beach parties, and midnight swimming The Summer I Turned Pretty is one of the best books to read during summer.

One of Us Is Lying – Karen M. McManus

The Breakfast Club meets murder mystery in this thrilling read. When geek girl Bronwyn, sports star Cooper, bad boy Nate, prom queen Addy and outsider Simon walk into detention, they all expect to leave once the hour is up. But when Simon dies in front of the four it is soon discovered that he was about to publicise their darkest secrets. Now they are all suspects in this complicated murder investigation where nothing is as it seems, and no-one can be trusted. Secrets will be revealed, lives changed, and someone will be charged with murder. A perfect read for anyone who wants to add some mystery to their summer.

Everything Leads to You – Nina LaCour

When Emi is entrusted with her brothers Los Angeles apartment for the summer there is only one condition, that something great takes place there while he is gone. Only Emi has no idea what that something great will be. As an aspiring production designer work is taking over her life preventing any chances of adventure. But when Emi and her best friend Charlotte go to the estate sale of a Hollywood film legend, she discovers a mysterious letter that sends her on a wild goose chase to unravel a Hollywood secret. This mystery brings Ava into her life and the possibility of love. Romance, mystery, and Hollywood Everything Leads to You is a heart-warming read, perfect for a lazy summers’ day.

With the Fire on High – Elizabeth Acevedo

For 17-year-old single mum Emoni life is hard. Currently living with her Abuela, juggling school, a job, and childcare. Emoni wants to be a chef more than anything in the world – it’s a job that she’s amazing at. When she is in the kitchen Emoni is free and the cares of the world melt away. Then her school offers her a place in the culinary arts class and she meets new student Malachi. Against all the odds Emoni finds herself slowly falling for Malachi. The impossible becomes possible when Emoni can go on the class trip to Spain. There she learns more about food and love than she ever could’ve expected. Filled with heart, food, and sum With the Fire on High is a must-read this summer.

Emergency Contact – Mary H.K. Choi

Penny Lee’s high school experience was just ordinary. Now she’s moving miles away to Austin Texas to become a writer. For Sam Austin is like a prison. He’s living and working in a café as his dreams of been a famous film director are slipping away. When Sam and Penny meet it as awkward and adorable. They exchange numbers and find themselves opening up to each other, sharing their biggest secrets, fears, hopes, and dreams. All without having to meet face to face. I loved this book when I first read it, but I love it even more now that more and more people are having to form connections through the screen. Beautiful and romantic Emergency Contact is a great read.

If any of these books take your fancy, instead of using large companies please consider buying through a local bookseller.

Words by Orla McAndrew

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