Track Review: 21 // Flo Gallop

Flo Gallop, a 22-year-old upcoming singer/songwriter, has held onto the comfort of music during lockdown; she’s written music as an emotional outlet, continuing to hold free virtual gigs via Instagram and music venue sites. Her debut single ’21’ was released last month.

Born and bred in South-East London, Flo was raised around music; influenced by her music-loving father and the likes of old school bands such as Oasis and the more contemporary The Kooks, she began both singing and writing at a very young age. “Without it I think I’d go nutty,” she declares. Her passion for music is evident in her honest and clever lyricism.

Although young, her effortless tone and outlook oozes maturity. Gallop is a natural artist with an edge reminiscent of the early noughties, and her strong London accent and invites comparison to quintessentially British singers such as Lily Allen and Kate Nash. Gallop’s music provides the feel good energy that we all crave, with lyrics of unfiltered honesty and contagious confidence creating the perfect bop.

With ’21’ Gallop delves into her own experiences as a young person. These may be personal to her, but are relatable for everyone. She’s extremely real and shares what it’s like living as 21-year-old, having fun and embracing freedom, all the while being exposed to society’s demands and expectations. With the lyrics “I’m only 21 anyway”, she kicks down any unnecessary pressures and reminds you to focus on living in the moment and enjoying life.

The song is the ultimate soundtrack for letting go and embracing its journey, mistakes and all: it’s a party pop anthem that helps distract from the pandemic challenges. Gallop leaves you embracing your failures, with no regrets — only a lust for life and excitement for what’s to come. It’s a poignant reminder that life is too short to worry about what we can’t control. Her energy and sass is infectious and the song’s catchy melodies leave you singing and bopping away. She has even collaborated with DJ Robin Savage to create a remix version.

Gallop’s honesty and storytelling is comforting, offering you a hand to hold and a friend who understands. It’s the bold bassline behind the lyrics that spurs the fire and confidence in oneself that we should all harness. Living through your teenage years isn’t always plainsailing, but she holds onto the excitement in the journey and chooses to see the great in life. It’s the unknown and rollercoaster of ups and downs that makes life all the more wonderful. Flo brings nothing but good vibes and it’s impossible not to latch onto that, we should all be aboard the Flo train.

The music video for the track displays Gallop working hours cleaning and dishing out takeaways. “I’ve always worked waitressing alongside my music,” says Gallop. “Although that’s not massively ‘rock and roll’, it’s the reality of it.”

While she presents the honest reality many artists face in order to pay the bills, the joy comes with her later living it up in a karaoke bar, reminding you that although life can be tough, it can also be a whole lot of fun when you allow it to be. It’s bright, it’s youthful and it’s rebellious. Wearing vibrant, flamboyant clothes and strutting boldly through London town, she motivates you to live the best life you can and enjoy it all the same. She gets you in the mood to dance any worries away—radiating positivity, sharing love and transparency. Cheers to the good times and celebrating life.

Gallop has definitely made a bold entrance into the music industry with this track. Go with the ‘Flo’ and hop onto her train—it’s going to be a hell of a ride.

Words by Danielle Saunders

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