Track Review: All That We’ve Got // The New Consistent


The New Consistent is hardly new these days. The rapper (real name Benjamin Ramsay) has been around for a few years now, ever since rising to prominence as a prodigy of fellow Brum icon, Austin Williams (Swim Deep). Since his ascension in 2019, The New Consistent has carved out a niche as a rapper with a difference. His silky, straight-up delivery has been matched with unique melodies and beats. In recent times, he’s been championed by BBC 6 Music and BBC WM Introducing, has been nominated for awards, and has supported the likes of Spilt Milk Society and Lady Bird. If he isn’t new, though, he’s certainly consistent.

‘All That We’ve Got’ is another fantastic track that continues The New Consistent’s trajectory. However, there are also crucial signs of him expanding his sound. He judges this song as his best yet—we’re inclined to agree. It begins with a soulful guitar line and The New Consistent’s rich, gorgeous vocals. Complemented with an aesthetic vinyl scratch and cut-up percussion, The New Consistent has a beautiful and potent delivery, before swapping his slick croon for a series of spoken word ruminations delivered in a delightful Brummie twang.

Musically, the guitars twang with gleeful abandon, the keyboards sparkle, and the drums rollick as The New Consistent chats about anger, contentment and smoking benches. The great thing about The New Consistent is the personal nature of the delivery—it feels like he is right beside you, chatting affably and offering sound advice in his imitable accent. ‘All That We’ve Got’ is another fantastic entry in The New Consistent’s canon. Stardom beckons.

Words by Sam Lambeth

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