Track Review: All The Best // Quinn


Quinn has just released their latest single ‘All The Best’ and from its immediate opening, it is clearly a track to listen out for. Representing their fun-filled past and a new exciting future, with the newly solo venture headed by Sam Lambeth, the track combines both power pop with electro indie making it the perfect listen for most audiences.

Opening with infectious guitar rhythms, ‘All The Best’ suggests an uplifting mood before Lambeth’s vocals come in. Sounding somewhere between The Wombats and Two Door Cinema Club, his vocals are impressive and compliment the melodies extremely well. With an incredibly catchy chorus, ‘All The Best’ will be a stellar performance live, with audiences just letting loose and dancing around.

What this track brings is a strong sense of nostalgia with a modern twist – the audience feels as if they are headed back in time yet at a more modern atmosphere, such as Reading festival. Quinn successfully achieves all emotions with this track, allowing listeners to fully understand the emotion behind the track, the sheer talent and devotion that has gone into making the track, and the desire for the audience to also feel that love and enjoyment.

‘All The Best’ is a clear highlight of Quinn’s career so far and proves that the future is very bright. It feels like a new direction for Quinn that will see Sam unlock his full potential with each and every track that is to follow. Sam showcases his talent throughout the track; he knows what works and what doesn’t, and he doesn’t shy away from owning his sound.

Overall, ‘All The Best’ is a stellar single that is sure to turn heads and open up the music scene once more. This isn’t the last you’ll see of Quinn, that’s for sure.

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