Ark are an unsigned band from Southampton. Formed in 2012, they spent the next four years honing their craft, and earlier this month released their debut single ‘Alter Ego’. The track was produced by Nick Taliodaros, drummer of metalcore band Our Hollow Our Home.

‘Alter Ego’ is punchy and in your face. It could be about the unsettling voice in singer Josh Mullane’s head. Taliadoros’ influence comes through as the guitars are beefed up, creating a huge wall of noise. They are reminiscent of hard rock; Sophie Burrell’s skilled infectious fretwork bringing a fresh twist. Mullane’s distinctive vocals are melodic and blend in nicely with the heavy instruments.

During the bridge, while the pummeling guitars work well alongside the distorted vocals, lyrically it is a bit weak in places; “You’ve gotta slow down your interior pace.” Aside from this, Ark are definitely a band to keep your eyes on in the future.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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