Track Review: Autopilot // A-Zal


Emerging pop luminary A-Zal continues his symphony of success with the debut of his newest single, ‘Autopilot’, a captivating composition released on 17 November. This single release stands as a poignant prelude to his much-awaited album, 17 & 11 Nights, showcasing beloved hits such as ‘Movie Script’ and ‘Lonely Town’, alongside a constellation of promising tracks poised to captivate audiences with their profound resonance.

‘Autopilot’ navigates the inner pathways of the heart, summoning forth bittersweet nostalgia interlaced with the sentiments of first love. It serves as a heartfelt ode to that romance and the pursuit of a genuine emotional anchor, laying the groundwork for an album poised to be a captivating symphony of emotions.

Plummeting into A-Zal’s innermost being, ‘Autopilot’ immerses itself in themes of remorse, redemption, and the inevitable passage of time. It unravels a phase of life where superficial comforts mask an unyielding ache for one’s true haven. A-Zal’s mellifluous and hauntingly emotive vocals gracefully traverse the emotional landscape of the song with unfiltered authenticity. They echo the profound longing and depth threaded within each verse, delicately portraying a quest for solace and sincerity, free from any facade.

The lyrics ache for an emotional connection devoid of stoicism or the weight of passing years, vividly echoed in the recurring verse: “It’s sailing over the clouds / but I miss my home.” Within the bridge, tactile memories intertwine, recounting intimate moments shared with a departed love—from tender touches to conflicts and reconciliations—intensifying the longing for that deep emotional bond. A-Zal’s remorse for past missteps echoes throughout, promising to make amends once their paths cross again as he croons, “I want to say sorry for all the times we lost / I’ll make it up again to you when I see you again.”

Sonically, ‘Autopilot’ unfurls a rich musical canvas, weaving soft guitar arrangements adorned with intricate fingerpicking patterns and soaring, nostalgic riffs. The piano keys dance in perfect harmony, infusing the rhythm with velvety undertones that sculpt this emotive masterpiece. The gentle percussion, possibly brushed drums or subtle cymbals, imbues the song with a soothing heartbeat, further enriching its tender and contemplative essence.

The storytelling prowess of A-Zal extends beyond music into visual artistry, evident in the self-directed music video accompanying the track. He embodies a striking persona, draped in golden cloth and donning black glasses, symbolically portraying life’s outer allure that veils inner longings and vulnerabilities within. The music video mesmerizes the audience with its enigmatic and open-ended narrative, reflecting a phase of seemingly effortless living, reminiscent of cruising in autopilot mode, while harbouring an enduring desire for one’s ‘true home’—a soulful connection found in a past love.

As ‘Autopilot’ takes flight, it not only marks a poignant conclusion to this year but serves as a harbinger of A-Zal’s debut album, promising an immersive journey through his musical world. As we await the full album release in 2024, this single stands as a testament to A-Zal’s musical finesse, beckoning listeners into an emotional labyrinth, setting the stage for a record destined to be a melodic masterpiece. With a burgeoning fanbase and an unwavering dedication to his artistry, A-Zal stands poised to carve his name into the annals of music history.

Words by Khushboo Malhotra

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