Track Review: Bad Habits // The Last Shadow Puppets


If The Age Of the Understatement was the soundtrack of a great espionage movie filled with lust and deceit weaving it’s way through the epic scenery created by The Last Shadow Puppets, then ‘Bad Habits’ (their first new song since 2008) is the first glimpse into a Scorsese style thriller.

With the screams echoing in the background and the screech of the piano sections, ‘Bad Habits’ marks a much more mature and aggressive sound for The Last Shadow Puppets. This paired with the deep rumble of the bass and drums, creates the perfect juxtaposition. This idea is furthered by the high pitch of the guitar solo, which then goes straight back to the chorus and builds tension to a breaking point with the speed increasing and the repetition of “Bad Habits” to the point where the song ends abruptly.

Miles Kane’s lead vocals on this track allow him to bring the energy which he is famous for on stage to this project. Alex Turner’s vocals join Kane on the chorus creating a perfect harmony between their voices, there is no doubt this is an incredible partnership.

Being paired with a video for the release, ‘Bad Habits’ sees The Last shadow Puppets performing  whilst also creating a trailer like video for the story told in the lyrics. The styling of the video and music is also a large step away from The Age Of The Understatement, taking clear inspiration from the seventies and the De Niro/ Scorsese partnership.

This long awaited return has definitely built higher hopes and expectations of the upcoming album. The Last Shadow Puppets are undeniably back.

Words By Jessica Borden


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