Track Review: Be the Light // The Orchid Room


‘Be The Light’ is the upbeat, inspirational, hopeful track from brand new duo The Orchid Room.

The Orchid Room consists of Anne Kraglund on vocals and John Hassall providing guitar, bass and backing vocals. Both have had impressive careers, with Hassall playing bass in indie band The Libertines and releasing three albums with them. Anne has worked with a number of Grammy award-winning artists and even had a short stint in Japan.

‘Be the Light’ was written to provide comfort to people after the turbulent one and a half years we’ve just had. When asked about the release, Hassall said: “The song is an encouragement to everyone I could only meet on the phone or computer screen. I wanted to remind them that we could overcome all the distance, emotional turmoil and problems that have been caused by Covid 19. As long as we can stick it out and support each other.”

This is the kind of debut that you really want from a new band. It is really relaxed and feels really chilled out, but has a strong message at the same time, which is really cool. Hassall’s playing is on point, and can you really expect it not to be? Hassall’s playing is arguably the only thing holding together most Libertines songs. He’s such a talented player and it’s nice there’s more focus on him in this band. We also get to hear his vocals more clearly, which will be a new and good experience for a lot of people.

Anne’s vocals lead the song and she’s got a great voice. It has a softness to it that feels right at home for this song. It’s a little stronger and more defiant in the verses, which helps to reinforce the reassuring message that is a welcome to most people hearing this track. When listening to her voice, it’s clear to see why she’s worked with so many different artists over the years.

This is a great first offering from The Orchid Room. It’s a shame that they only have one song out, because this debut certainly leaves you wanting more.

Words by Louis Suffill

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