Track Review: Bee Sting // The Wombats


The loveable Liverpudlians are back with ‘Bee Sting’. The Wombats’ latest single was dropped following their sets at Reading and Leeds festivals last week, and is the first release since their February 2018 album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life. The single also came alongside the announcement that The Wombats will be embarking on their biggest ever tour next year and are set to play at six arenas across the UK.

All in all, The Wombats seem to be going from strength to strength after a successful start to 2018. Bee Sting truly does ‘buzz’. The use of acoustic guitar is reminiscent of their track ‘Black Flamingo’. Whilst these tracks are unique in their diversion from the usual electric synth, ‘Bee Sting’ is pretty much everything else you’d expect from a Wombats’ single: it’s got the wacky lyrics (for example, “You drive me crazier than a wingless bee”), the catchy tune, and the ultimate haphazard yet feel-good vibe which has existed within the band’s music since their early days.

Overall, ‘Bee Sting’ is an exciting preview of what’s to come for The Wombats as we head into 2019.

Words by Amelia Hiller

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