Track Review: Bliss // Spinn

When giving this new track a first listen, I can say with confidence that the jangle pop Liverpool lads of Spinn are achieving nothing less than solid musical progress.

‘Bliss’ is the second official track released by this four-piece and it’s a real gem. Flying high from the previous success of their debut ‘Green Eyes’, which is now not only available on SoundCloud but also Spotify and Apple Music too (a huge achievement for the short time they’ve been formed), this second track showcases exactly why these guys belong in the recording studio and live on stage.

The dreamy melody of the track is supported by a delicate, tinny drum sound, as lead singer Jonathon Quinn croons the lyrics with his gentle and unique tone. The song flows beautifully with all instruments amalgamating into a very strong sound, as Spinn prove their place on the music scene.

The lyrics speak to a generation as Quinn longingly sings, “I don’t see you anymore”. Just as they achieved with ‘Green Eyes’, we see the genre of love and longing break through to their growing teenage audience that can’t help but relate.

The excellent reverb from lead guitarist Andy Power withholds the track with confidence and the riffs are catchy and unmistakable throughout. A highlight of the tune lies in the drum and guitar solo before the final chorus as we are treated with a showcase of young, but certainly experienced musical talent – topped off by a fresh and impressive guitar riff change as the song climaxes, a real treat for the ears. With both poppy and indie influences able to be heard throughout, we can see how Spinn have taken in so many influences which has resulted in their own unique and very recognisable sound.

Spinn performed their first headline gig at Parr Street Studio 2 in Liverpool on December 15th and it was certainly their best set to date. With more songs in the pipeline, music videos and gigs galore, Spinn are only going up. ‘Are you living in Bliss?’ – well give this a listen and you might just be.

Words by Hannah Campbell
Photo by Charlotte Rudd

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