Track Review: Blue For You // The Wha


The Wha are proving to the independent music scene that they are more than just hype with their latest song ‘Blue For You’, a song bursting with creativity and one which is sure to put a smile on your face. 

The Wha are the latest band from Ireland to burst onto the scene following in the footsteps of The Academic and Fontaines D.C. The four piece from Kilkenny in the Republic of Ireland are using their brand of distinctive indie music to delve into exciting new territories with their brand new single ‘Blue For You’. 

‘Blue For You’ follows on from The Wha’s successful singles ‘40 Odd Years’ and ‘Innocents’ and expands on the band’s established sound. The quartet uses a mixture of emotive lyrics and superb vocals from Finn Cusack and Sam Cullen. The vocals from the duo alongside the impactful drum and bass make ‘Blue For You’ a stronger piece. 

Speaking about ‘Blue For You’, vocalist Finn Cusack said: “I suppose ‘Blue For You’ is a bit of a shameless pop song. It has a feel good jingle-jangle vibe to it. Lyrically, it’s just a confused reflection.

‘Blue For You’ is accompanied by a joyful cartoon style video by Cameron West which embodies the message of the song and was inspired by the legendary ‘Yellow Submarine’ by The Beatles: “We really enjoyed making the video with Cameron West. We were inspired by The Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’ but wanted to put our own twist on it.

The Wha’s latest effort is a prime example of some of the standout talent coming out of Ireland at the moment.

Words by Paul Dawson


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