Track Review: BUSSIT // Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox, the first female to be signed to J Cole’s record label, Dreamville, has delivered again with the much anticipated ‘BUSSIT’. Lennox gets straight to the point with her salty lyrics that hold her lover accountable: “You scared of love but fuck your fear / Ain’t no getting’ away from this if you wanted to”. Along with instilling responsibility, Lennox gets frank about the power dynamic in her romance and asserts her confidence with, “I know that ya into me / You ‘bout it then let me see”. This demanding and honest approach is striking, refreshing and empowering. Although it isn’t suggested that her lover is a man, she challenges the stereotypes of heterosexual romances and behaviours in them. 

The music is eloquently put together, with old school R&B and repetitive guitar and drum patterns providing a sensuous backdrop. This brings out Lennox’s earthy and sultry voice. The slow and simple chords are crafted to perfection to let Lennox’s voice glide you through the song. 

The video is shot beautifully with Lennox and what appears to be her girlfriends decorated in pinks and purples. The colours, setting and stunning women work together to frame confidence and sexuality. 

Words by Sakshi Karanjkar  

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