Track Review: Catching 22 // FJ Law


As a warm summer edges closer and closer, a lot of us will be imagining what our summers will be like after the fabled June 21st. With the ability to plan ahead becoming more certain, thoughts will turn to outfits, events and most importantly, music. Enter South-London based songwriter and producer FJ Law. His latest slick pop beat ‘Catching 22’ is the ultimate addition to any upbeat playlist, perfectly poised to get you in the mood for sunnier weather. 

Opening with synths and bubbling sounds, ‘Catching 22’ is an immediately bright song. Quickly building the texture with reverbing basslines and hints of steel pans, Law creates a breezy, tropical atmosphere. The summery vibes created by the danceable beat and electronic pulses throughout the tune reflect the adrenaline rush of a good party and the sense of elation that follows.

Building on this euphoria, he balances his buttery vocals with EDM pops of instrumental, creating an animated anthem you’ll have in your head for days. Honing earworms in the infectious chorus: “now you’ve got me catching 22 and it’s like / you want me but you don’t want me / I’m yours but you’re not mine”, FJ Law will have you singing along in seconds.

Law creates vivid stories within his music, ‘Catching 22’ telling the tale of the last moments of a toxic relationship, and the exhilaration he experienced once he made the choice to put himself first.

Explaining the inspiration behind the tune, FJ Law said: “I was stuck in a spiral. Torn between making the decision that was best for me long term, or sliding back into bad habits… I finally did what was best for me. It was a great feeling.”

Feel-good music couldn’t come at a better time as we move further through the government’s roadmap and hopefully towards the ending of coronavirus restrictions. And, FJ Law looks likely to continue to provide the soundtrack to the journey as he’s just announced that his debut EP, Tape 1, will be out on the 14th of May- we can’t wait. 

Words by Ella McLaren

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