Track Review: Chasing the Tail of a Dream // The Coral


The opening chords of ‘Chasing the Tail of a Dream’ mark a strong return for the beloved psych rock band, The Coral. The first taste of their new album Distance Inbetween is to be released 4th March 2016 with a UK and European tour following in March and April (with a homecoming show in Liverpool on the 29th May 2016).

‘Chasing the Tail of a Dream’ has been greatly anticipated and with its unapologetic presence and signature edge that The Coral brings, it does not disappoint. The twists and turns of the track create a hypnotic melody with the constant beat of the drums and the darker much more blues edge to the guitar riffs revealing a new facet of music from The Coral. The keyboard aspect adds a dimension to the track which completes the melody by fading back and forth into the foreground.

Meanwhile, the strong vocals and lyrics weave their way through the song, in a manner which brings the track to be one. James Skelly’s vocals add to the darker tones of the track, as the imagery follows the roots of The Coral as a psych rock band, paired with the blues influenced guitar and quite fast tempo of the track creates a matured sound or even version of The Coral.

This is not a shy slip back into music for The Coral by the side door, They have thrown the doors open and with a darker storm clouds gathering atmosphere, announced they are back and have no intentions to back down. This gives high hopes for the forthcoming album in 2016.

Words by Jessica Borden


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